Smart Marketing book

You know the thought that’s been keeping you up at night? It weighs heavy on you.

You have a panicked anxiety about your business. You can't quite put your finger on it; it lingers.

This book will fix that.

"Smart Marketing" -- now in its 4th edition -- is a blueprint for small businesses success a one-stop marketing resource.

What topics are covered?

  • Targeted marketing
  • Brand differentiation
  • Social media ethics
  • Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Vine tactics
  • Keyword advertising
  • Blogging, and much, much more!

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What's included in Smart Marketing?

  • 24 interactive chapters
  • 178 pages of idea-provoking content
  • 65 action items to enhance your business today!
  • 100% results and satisfaction guaranteed (learn more)

What people are saying about Smart Marketing

"If you want something to shake your thinking right NOW about marketing, it's a download away. There are more GREAT ideas in Ryan's book than just about anything I've read. You gotta go see it!"

#1 best-selling author and Hall of Fame speaker

"I really cannot stress how much you will learn from Smart Marketing. This book is ideal for small business owners who may be wearing many hats. Especially helpful for small creative businesses that may not have a huge advertising budget but have the creative chops to find a different and better way to promote yourself."

- Amy Schubert

"I enjoyed the read; worth well over the cost of the book for any small business owner who wants to improve their marketing."

- Ryan Litwiller

"I've finished Ryan Barton's Smart Marketing! Thoroughly enjoyed it! Tons of good info & ideas to start putting into action! Thanks Ryan!"

- Maggie Keegan Gross

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If you never thought you could afford a marketing guy, consider this an hour of my consulting time is going to cost you $50.

But for only $9.99, you get a book packed full of action items, anecdotes, case studies, and thought-provoking material I couldn't possibly cover in an hour's time.

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